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German Criminal Law

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Concept of success

The defence in German criminal law is similar to a game of chess – but with often unknown figures. It is not predictable how a witness will testify, how the courts will interpret certain facts or how the parties of a trial will conclude or decide.

„In German criminal law, success depends on choosing the right lawyer“

However the defence counsel must not only be able to adapt quickly to such imponderables and, if necessary, change his strategies immediately, he must also always take into account the possibilities of measures to terminate the proceedings, to change the proceedings and – with regard to legal remedies – to secure the proceedings, in order to guarantee an optimal defence of the client both in the preliminary proceedings and out of court.

In German criminal law, a favourable procedure depends on the abilities of the lawyer. Not only can clients be manoeuvred beyond a possible suspension of the proceedings (or other measures that end the proceedings) into public court proceedings, but they can also be „defended“ directly into prison, so to speak. Last but not least, it is also possible to literally deprive a client of all chances of improving an unfavourable judgment in the next higher instance.

It is therefore essential for a defence lawyer to be able to deal with conflicts – but not at any price. He must also be completely independent of the courts. He must also be an excellent negotiator, capable of recognising the possibility of a settlement. He must be experienced in criminal law in order to ensure the correct application of the sometimes very complex legal rules.  He must have a high level of knowledge of the conduct of criminal proceedings in order to avoid purely formal disadvantages and to exploit possible advantages.

In addition to the complex question of testimony psychology, he must also master the art of interrogation techniques and at the same time be able to communicate well on an equal footing with the parties involved in the proceedings, i.e. the court and the public prosecutor’s office, but also with joint plaintiffs:

In German criminal law, there is a lot of room for manoeuvre with regard to court proceedings and the way in which a court makes a judgment.  If one considers only the far-reaching legal consequences and criminal law frameworks that criminal proceedings provide for: from the suspension of proceedings to prison sentences ranging from a few months to many years; moreover, deals and out-of-court settlement of disputes are not uncommon even in the case of criminal complaints in Germany.

The core of our success is our extremely narrow specialization. What has been taken for granted in medicine for decades is often overlooked when deciding on the right lawyer: Here, too, the field of law is so extensive that it is urgently recommended to commission a specialist for the respective criminal matter.

Therefore, we are not only specialized in German criminal law in general. Also, each of our attorneys concentrates on individual areas of criminal law with key qualifications: In addition to specialist lawyers for criminal law, our law firm also employs a former public prosecutor, all of whom are also active in the academic field in order to be optimally positioned for the complex special areas of criminal law (e.g. tax criminal law, commercial criminal law, sexual criminal law, etc.). After all, achieving above-average results requires special knowledge and experience.